How It Works - The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush

30 Second Smile offers reliability, precision, and proper execution automatically. The technology virtually eliminates human error and assures dental providers that their patients are brushing accurately and effectively by delivering the following critical components:

6 Brush Heads in One6 Brush Heads in One

30 Second Smile offers the user automation of proper brushing. To use 30 Second Smile: One simply turns on the unit, opens their mouth, gently bites down, and guides the brush. The dual- sided brush head includes 6 micro-brushes, ensuring complete and thorough brushing in only 30 seconds versus the recommended 2 minutes with a standard single-headed brush. The straightforward design allows the consumer to easily bite into the brush heads and effortlessly guide the brush around their arch. Once the teeth are engaged in the brush heads, the teeth actually self-position the brush. The teeth are surrounded by micro- brushes, making it nearly impossible to miss a spot, even in the back “hard to reach” areas.



Proper alignment and brush head angleBrush Head Brushing Angle on Teeth

The 6 micro-brushes perfectly simulate the Bass Brushing Technique (the dentist recommend the technique for proper brushing) with accurate alignment and angle of bristles. This technique is widely accepted as a very effective method for bacterial plaque removal adjacent to and directly beneath the gingival margin. This area is the most important in the control of gingivitis and periodontitis.



Brush Teeth PressureAppropriate pressure on teeth and gums

30 Second Smile accurately delivers the appropriate amount of pressure on teeth and gums due to the flexible brush head arms and the fact that the user is exerting zero force. The advanced wrap-around head configuration provides automated, equalized gentle pressure on the inner and outer surfaces. The brush head arms flex to provide the proper amount of pressure for both the narrow front teeth, as well as, the wider molars.

 Short–Quick back and forth strokes

Short, quick back and forth strokes are also paramount in the Bass Technique. 30 Second Smile simulates this with two speeds: Low: 850-900 SPM and High: 1100-1200 SPM. Users initially use the product at the low speed and ultimately, their gums become healthy enough to advance to the higher speed. The result: no chance of gum or tooth abrasion due to the controlled short bristle stroke in combination with the low operating speed as described.


Users of 30 Second Smile initially use “Ultra-Soft” red bristled brush heads and do not progress to the “Soft” blue bristled brush heads until their gums become accustomed to the new “can’t miss” brushing action.

Brush Head Size

At first glance, 30 Second Smile is sometimes perceived as large and bulky. In reality, it actually feels smaller than a typical single- headed toothbrush.

30 Second Smile consists of 4 quadrant microheads, each assigned to its own surface. One quadrant of the 30 Second Smile head is actually half the size of a typical single-headed toothbrush. The microheads wrap around all tooth surfaces simultaneously and comfortably. That's why it feels smaller than the typical single- headed brush.

Benefits of UseBenefits of Use

Not only are there clinical studies to back up the effectiveness of 30 Second Smile, we have a large compilation of positive testimonials from users, dental professionals, caregivers, and product reviewers. 30 Second Smile solves the problem of brief brushing times (average person brushes only 38 seconds vs. recommended 2 minutes) and resolves the erratic brushing patterns of most people. A dentist does not have to teach a patient how to use 30 Second Smile as they do with a single- headed power brush. The patient is instructed to simply use 30 Second Smile for 30 seconds, twice per day, and effective oral care ensues.


The automated 30 Second Smile allows the user, regardless of dexterity level, to properly brush their teeth. In the case of a user with limited mobility, 30 Second Smile is often the answer to their dental woes. Whether they are now able to brush on their own or a caregiver is easily guiding the brush along their arch, many testimonials have shown that 30 Second Smile has become a great benefit to their home dental care.