30 Second Smile is profoundly different than any other oral care product ever produced. The multi-head design greatly facilitates patient compliance. Take a moment to learn more about the many benefits the 30 Second Smile brings to your patients.

The Science of 30 Second Smile

Every other toothbrush ever developed is reliant on the user's skill to be effective. If a patient uses one of those products and doesn't take the time to brush properly, then they will never achieve an acceptable result. This means you and your staff must deal with the same problem areas every time that patient walks through the door.

30 Second Smile changes all the rules for proper oral care. When a patient uses this brush, there is no more guesswork, no more hoping they will do a good job. There is no need for a timer, and no more hunting and pecking, twisting and turning to brush those hard to reach areas.

The Bass Technique

30 Second Smile is based on the precise science of properly brushing one's teeth developed by Dr. Charles Bass some 60 years ago. In Dr. Wayne Lott's book, "Dr. Charles Bass and the Bass Method - One Man's Crusade to End Tooth Decay and Gum Disease", he is quoted:


"The bristles are firmly applied to the outer side of the lower teeth, at an angle of about 45 degrees (to the long axis), directly into the crevices and the spaces between the teeth. Short back and forth stroke movements of the brush dislodge and remove soft foreign material. For the upper teeth the bristles are applied in the same way. This is done on the outer side (buccal and labial) of all teeth.

Next, the pit and fissure depressions on the chewing (occlusal) surfaces are cleaned. This is done by applying the bristles firmly to these surfaces and stroking back and forth to dig out and dislodge material that has accumulated and is retained there."

30 Second Smile is designed to automatically deliver the precise science of proper brushing first developed by Dr. Bass. The result, every time a patient uses 30 Second Smile, it's as if Dr. Bass were brushing their teeth.

Proven Superior to Leading Brands via Clinical Study

In a study conducted at Georgia Regents University, 30 Second Smile was proven to improve Gingival Health in less time than it's leading competitors.
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Would You Like to Evaluate?

If you would like to evaluate 30 Second Smile, please call (800) 431-1902. Please note an evaluation price is available for opening orders only, and there is a limit of 3 per office at the reduced evaluation price. Subsequent orders are at regular professional pricing. If you would like more information and Professional pricing, please contact us at (800) 431-1902.