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By  Lindsey Lanquist Halitosis-causing bacteria might be throwing a rager in there. Share via Pinterest Tara Moore/Getty Images I’d like to think I’m pretty on top of my oral hygiene. I brush my teeth twice a day every day. I also try to stick to experts’ recommendation that I brush for a full two minutes every time.
PayPal and 30 Second Smile have joined forces to help anyone wanting perfect oral health.  Upon checkout from our website of $100 or more, click on  for a no interest, no payment option for up to 6 months.   30 Second Smile offers a 60 days money back guarantee so what have you go to lose. Use
30 Second Smile has 1 Power Handle and 6 Brush Heads to choose from according to your specific needs. EXTRA SOFT – red bristles identify ultra soft bristles for 1st time users, those with shorter teeth and/or sensitive gums. STANDARD SOFT – blue bristles delivered good cleaning to those with shorter teeth and less sensitive
Exactly what design feature makes 30 Second Smile Electric Toothbrush the safest, most effective, abrasion proof toothbrush on the planet? This video illustrates the 30 Second Smile 6mm BASS-ACTION brushing technique. It shows how the bristles tips dislodge debris and bacteria from under the gumline while massaging the gums without abrasion. Little Effort – BIG
  You’re just 30 seconds away from a clean and healthy mouth! This revolutionary toothbrush has six micro-brushes that surround the teeth brushing all six surfaces simultaneously. Watch as Michigan periodontist, Dr. Joseph Nemeth explains the benefits of using this toothbrush.

Everyone loves white teeth !!!

It’s true, whiter teeth make you look Younger, Healthier and more Vibrant. Who doesn’t want that? Removing coffee, red wine and smoke stains off your teeth is now easier than ever. 30 Second Smile Electric Toothbrush in a recent study proved that whiter teeth are achievable in as little as 30 days; no chemicals need

The History of 30 Second Smile

The History of 30 Second Smile Electric Toothbrush Ken Hegemann was working in Saudi Arabia and Libya during the early 1980s installing massive farming irrigation systems. The farmers he recruited from Kansas and Nebraska installed the systems and taught the local farmers how to grow wheat in the desert sands. Upon returning to the States,
I  love talking to the many 30 Second Smile customers from over the years, and the absolute best calls are ones that touch my heart.  Arlene B from VA., recently called our office and told us that 5 years ago, her dentist told her that gum surgery was imminent and that she would lose all her teeth. She happened to
#2. Brushes 6 surfaces simultaneously, upper, lower, inside, outside plus both chewing surfaces. 30 seconds X 6 surfaces =180 / 60 = 3 minutes equivalent. “Brushes 6 Surfaces At Once!” “30 Seconds Equivalent to 3 minutes?” I have been researching ALL the different electric brushes and here’s what I found; “The majority of them have
A fabulous review highlighting everything you’ve ever wanted to know about 30 Second Smile by Electric Teeth located in the U.K., was released last month. One of the partners Jon Love, evaluated 30 Second Smile from top to bottom, every feature; nothing was overlooked. It is a no-nonsense, excellent and easy to read comprehensive review.