How Long Should I Brush My Teeth

Many people often ask “how long should I brush my teeth?

Well, in short it should take you about 3 minutes to properly brush your teeth. Most people don’t even brush for half that amount of time.  If your teeth were one dimensional then sure a minute of brushing with proper technique might cut it.  Let’s face it, our teeth have multiple sides and on top of this they feature many nooks and crannies.

Three minutes may seem long, but even after three minutes your teeth still may not be a clean as they can be. You see, brushing your teeth requires more than just a simple unplanned motion. To properly brush your teeth, you need to use short up and down motions along with the proper angle.

Now that the question “how long should I brush my teeth?” has been answered, how would you like to cut this time down to only 30seconds? Wait a second… You may be thinking to yourself, didn’t you just say it takes 3 minutes? Yes I did say that, but with the proper form, speed and angle you can cut this time to 30 seconds. The key to achieving this is by using the right type of toothbrush, one purposefully designed to give you that profession dental cleaning feel every time you brush.

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